Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seventeen year old Macy Queen has a long hot summer to look fowar5d to when her boyfriend Jason goes off to Brain Camp. She takes over his job at the library and in her spare time, she plans to study for the SAT’s. Meanwhile, she silently grieves over her father’s death.

Life changes when Macy meets the chaotic Wish Catering Crew at her mother’s party. One night after Jason breaks up with Macy via email, she decides to go for a ride and follows the Wish Catering van. Before long, Macy decides to work for them, while keeping her job at the library. Delia, Monica, Kristy, and Wes help Macy to look at life in a completely different way.

Silently Grieving

Macy’s father died over a year and a half ago. Macy holds on to her father’s memories by storing his EZ Products that he use to order. Macy gave up the one thing that she loved and connected her to her father- running. One night, she opens up to Wes about her father’s death. Before that night, Macy has not expressed her feelings about father’s death, and what happened the morning he died. Her mother throws herself into her work, which doesn’t allow much time for anything else. Her sister Caroline makes plans to renovate the family beach house. However, this is too much for Macy and her mother to handle.

Macy Changes

In the first few chapters, readers may view Macy as boring. Macy’s routine started out as follows; go to work at the library, come home and eat dinner, check her email, and prepare her clothes for the next day. Soon, Macy breaks the routine when she starts hanging out with her new friends. At first, she resists but later changes her mind. Macy decides to quit her job at the library and work for Wish full time. Her mother does not like the new changes she sees and no longer wants Macy to hanging out with her new friends. She keeps Macy under her thumb by making her quit her job with Wish and having her work at her office. She also only allows Macy to do acceptable activities. It takes awhile to realize that these changes are for Macy’s own good.

Readers should be able to take something away from this novel, especially if they have lost a loved one in death. The Wish Catering Crew provided comic relief as they help Macy to put things into prospective and move forward with her life.

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