Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Indigo Summer by Monica Mckayhan

Life for fifteen year old Indigo Summer seems to be going well. She lands a spot on the high school dance team and gets a date to the homecoming dance with the most popular boy at school.  Everything seems to be going well until Quincy the star football player dumps Indigo for a girl who is willing to "put out."  When Indigo's self esteem and popularity takes a nosedive, she turns to the one person who has his head on straight-her next door neighbor Marcus Carter.  Indigo finally realizes how much of a great guy he is, but she doesn't know that someone else has shown an interest in him as well.


I finished this book within four days. It took me a month to read Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key, and I finished November Blues in a week.  This novel is designed for the reluctant reader. However, it may seem like fluff to the more avid readers.   I found this story to be a quick leisure read.  The story is very predictable in terns of what Indigo's choice would be.  I am glad to see that she made the right choice.  She could had put herself at risk by getting pregnant or even a STD.  Parents will be pleased to know that there are no explicit scenes and profanity. I believe that the goal of this book was to show young people that eventhough doing the right thing may seem uncool at first, but in the long run you will be glad that you may the right decission.  I think that Indigo has alot of maturing to do. For instance, she blames Marcus for her best friend Jade moving away. Marcus didn't even know who Jade was since he moved from another part of town. Since this was her first relationship, she was clueless about what to expect and how guys function.  I hope that her charracter develops  and grow to maturity throughout the series.